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Entry #1

Annoying ad >:( )!

2009-05-31 11:19:09 by EnhancedPerspective

I made this useless post to get rid of the annoying ad that shows up in its place >:(


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2009-06-20 17:27:14

You could make a favorites list, that would also get rid of the ad. I personally don't like making posts on my page, nor do I like having a long ass favorites list. So I limit my favorites to 4 flashes and 4 audio submissions. :)


2009-06-24 15:35:24

you have no friends


2009-06-24 18:33:42

Let me tell you man my art is not traced what so ever. These ae all free hand images that I drew looking at a point of reference. I don't even know what the Glmages thing is so it would be nice of you to stop sending me bad comments on my art.